Please allow me to introduce myself


Hi there! I’m Hailee, and welcome to my blog.

While I wish there was more to say about myself and the reasons I started this blog, I must admit…I’m just a regular girl who decided to start sharing my fitness and nutrition experiences with other regular people. I am not a fitness trainer, or a nutrition guru. I don’t sell any products. I am not involved in any pyramid schemes. I’m just a 28-year-old person who has tried and failed to lose weight for my entire adult life, and I recently decided that to make it through this life with as few scars as possible we just need to start celebrating. Celebrate the successes and the failures. The triumphs and the stumbles. The victories and the embarrassments. As cliche as it sounds, this life is a journey. I will never purport to have all the answers, so let’s just figure it out together.

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